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Become a Personal Trainer Online!

During the Covid-19 situation there are more and more learners choosing to qualify as a personal trainer online. There are many benefits to choosing this option and others factors to consider when choosing your learning method. At Inner Peak we offer a number of different learning methods that are bespoke and can be tailored around your needs and work life balance. Our online courses give the advantage of being able to complete the work when you decide. On top of that you can learn in your chosen environment away from groups and the risk of Covid - 19. If you do choose an online option it doesn’t mean you have to do all the work by yourself... You will be assigned a support tutor to help you with any issues during your learning experience. When all the theory work is complete all that is left to do is arrange a meeting with your tutor to go through the necessary practical assessments and preparation. You will decide on the dates for your assessments giving you full control over the learning and how to fit it into your busy schedule. Once qualified you will receive the same nationally accredited certificate you would have given any other learning method. All awards are recognised and endorsed by Active I.Q, REPS and CIMSPA. Contact us for more information on our online learning and kick start your fitness career today.

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