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5 Worthy reason's to become a Personal Trainer

Lots of people choose a career in the fitness industry for very similar reasons. But what are they and are all the benefits well known?

Becoming your own boss – Probably the most common perk in becoming a Personal Trainer is the fact you’re working for yourself and running your very own business. Why make money for others when you can make it for yourself! Need to take time off, don’t worry, just take it. Another benefit of working for yourself is flexibility. You prefer to specialise in a certain area, you can. You want to concentrate on a certain specialised group of client, you can. You have the power to work in whichever way you prefer.

Make a difference – As a Personal Trainer you will meet new people with all sorts of different goals, confidence levels, and ability. Each client is unique, and it’s your job to help them change their lives for the better. Help clients lose weight, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, come back from a heart attack, whatever the goal is the responsibility lies on your shoulders. When you see clients achieve their goals and their lives you truly will experience job satisfaction.

Branch out – Becoming a Personal Trainer doesn’t mean your limited to training clients in the gym forever and a day. A Personal Trainer qualification opens up plenty of doors to other careers within the health and fitness industry. A PT qualification is a prerequisite to lots of other areas in the fitness industry an example includes GP Referral specialist, and sports massage. There are lots of avenues to specialise into should you wish, Pre and post natal, Obesity, Disability, Sports Massage, Sports Injuries, Strength and Conditioning, and the list goes on.

Massive Earning potential - Whether you are offering one-to-one training, boot camps or aerobics classes, you control what you earn. You set your rates that you are happy to charge your clients and if they are fair, those clients will come. If you can take on a larger number of clients at one time, then you’re earning potential increases. So, how much can a personal trainer earn? Within reason, the sky is the limit as to what you can make from a career as a PT. Do bear in mind though, it’s about quality not quantity. If you take on so many clients that you can’t offer them an excellent service, numbers will soon drop off.

Decide when and where you work – Starting off as a Personal Trainer can be stressful and very hard work trying to find your client base. Most beginner PT’s work long hours until they find their feet. All is not lost however once you do find your feet and word get around that you’re doing a good job, more clients will come knocking on your door for business. Once your popularity has increased you then have the power to start dictating your hours and your terms. Once you create a good product, people will always go out of their way to buy the product, no matter what the hurdles are. You are the product!

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